Hi Guys!


We get asked a LOT of questions every day so we decided we would like to share a couple of resources we like to use when choosing which plants to provide to you and how best to care for them.


First off, here's a blog on buying wholesale nursery stock!  They go over plenty of information such as common acronyms, the difference between pot sizes, caliper tree sizes, hardiness and pH zones, and the lesser known differences between fast and slow growing trees.  If you have always wondered about what all of these pot sizes mean, what the heck a caliper tree is, or how to estimate the size of a plant - this is a great resource.


For those of us into more urban fruit farming, Lareault has wonderful guides for growing a number of fruits in smaller areas including but not limited to: strawberries, blueberries, haskap, and blackberries.  We also highly recommend the University of Saskatchewan.


For more general information on tree and shrub planting, hardiness zones, and pH levels of soil we recommend checking out the Jeffries General Guide (click on Zone Map, Pollination, Pruning)!  They were even kind enough to throw in some information on landscape planning as well!  Happy Planting!