Lilac (Meyerei / Dwarf Korean / Palibin #1)

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This dwarf lilac has excellent uniform growth and overall vigour. It forms a low clump and slowly spreads outward. The flowers are highly fragrant and showy.


Lilacs are members of the olive family (Oleaceae).  Most of the original cultivars are native to the Balkan region and were naturalized to America from their European origins.  They are a woody perennial with over 20,000 individual cultivars.  The name comes from Syringa (a nymph in Greek mythology) and Vulgaris (common).  Here in Canada, they are mainly used for two things - shelter belts / farm plants and in home gardens.  They are normally quite large (3m tall) but several dwarf (1m) and midrange (2m) varieties have been introduced.  Most are known for purple flowers but many other colours exist.  They symbolize spring, renewal, and confidence.


There are many varieties of lilac that have been introduced over the years.  Some are bred for smell, some for color, and some for size.  Contact us if you want help selecting particular qualities!  As a general rule hyacinfloras are the smelliest lilacs - select these if you love the classic lilac smell.  Preston, American, and French lilacs are typically used for shelter belts and show pieces in the home garden depending on hardiness.


One of our favorite things to do is place lilacs (or other sensory) plants near entrances and choke points so that visitors to your garden are pulled into the sights and smells.

Pot Type #2
Potential Height 100 cm
Potential Spread 100 cm
Zone 3
Zone Full Sun, Partial Shade
Ship Date June 2021
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