Clematis (Blue Bird #1)

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Fast growing free flowering vines with 2-3 inch lavender blue bell shaped blooms in early spring. Beautiful vine can be trained for a trellis or over an arbor. Historic variety developed by the famous Dr. F. L. Skinner.


Clematis come in many varieties so be sure to read up on their care - it can make an enormous difference in how the plant performs.  Some hardly bloom at all unless appropriate pruning and staking are used.


Clematis are members of the Buttercup family (Ranunculales), with about 300 different species.  They are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin, with some varieties hardy enough to survive on the prairie.  We highly recommend either zone 2 or zone 3 clematis if you are planting them outside and leaving them there.  Some other varieties can be potted with a trellis and sheltered during the winter to keep them alive (or else treat them as annuals).  They symbolize mental beauty, and are also sometimes called Traveler's Joy.


Clematis are a climbing plant and can be trained or left on the ground to provide ground cover.  Our favorite use is to pot them with some staking / trellis and use them as deck plants.  They have a wide variety of colors and applications.

Pot Type #1
Potential Height 2 m
Potential Spread 1 m
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Zone 3
Ship Date June 2021
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