Cherry (Romeo #2)

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Good fruit for fresh eating and processing. Deep red colour is similar to Carmine Jewel but it ripens later in the season. The plant is very productive and is the best choice for making juice.


The hardy sour cherry varieties were developed right here at University of Saskatchewan!  Here's what they have to say:


  • Trees range from 1.75 meters to 2.5 meters (5-8 feet) tall.  Some suckering can happen with some varieties.  This amount of suckering increases if the soil around the tree is continually tilled or disturbed.  These trees are unique as they are not grafted and are on their own roots.
  • Sour cherries usually flower in mid to late May.  These trees can be quite stunning in the spring as the flowers open slightly before the leaves emerge and the tree turns into a ball of white flowers. 
  • The leaves are very glossy and shiny which adds some ornamental value
  • The fruit is usually ripe in early August and can range in colour from red to dark red to a black red.  Cherry splitting is caused by dry followed by wet conditions during the ripening process
  • Dwarf Sour Cherries are self-fertile and therefore do not need another plant for pollination.  That means that if you only want one shrub in your yard you only need one, or you can have two of the same varieties and you will still get fruit. 
  • They should be picked in the cool parts of the morning or evening and refrigerated as soon after picking as possible. 
Pot Type #2
Potential Height 250 cm
Potential Spread 200 cm
Light Full Sun
Zone 2
Ship Date May 2021
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