Strawberry (Charlotte Bare Root)

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Candy sweet and incredibly juicy these strawberries make a wonderful treat! This French hybrid is everbearing and more resistant to cold than most other varieties.  We provide them for sale at the beginning of the planting season, and again in the fall.  Planting can be done at either time, with the first large yield the following growing season.

First Season:


  • Plant as soon as you receive the strawberry, or keep it moist (not wet) in full sun until ready to plant
  • Remove any dead plant material with scissors (don't pull)
  • Spot treat any mold from last season's growth with 10:1 Water:Hydrogen Peroxide if it appears
  • Plant with the crown above ground level, but don't expose the roots
  • Cut all runners until just before the end of the growing season
  • If you want a large yield the following year, cut all flowers the first growing season
  • If you want fruit the first year, leave the flowers on but understand that the yield will be lower
  • Let runners root in the fall to make copies of the plant, up to 5 plants per square foot - remove extras or it will impact yield
  • Cover with straw or other insulator during the winter to improve survivability - especially outside of Saskatoon


Following Seasons:


  • Thin plants to 4-5 plants per square foot, starting with oldest plants
  • Remove dead plant material
  • Propagate runners and harvest fruit as desired
  • Plants live a few years before they stop producing
Pot Type 3.5 inch
Potential Height 15 cm
Potential Spread 4 per square foot
Light Full Sun
Zone 2
Ship Date May 2021
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