Chokeberry (Viking)

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The common name of chokeberry is in reference to the tart and bitter taste of the fruits which are edible but so astringent as to cause choking in most of those who try. Fruits are sometimes used to make tasty jams and jellies.

'Viking' is an upright, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub that was developed in Europe as an orchard plant. It has glossy elliptic to obovate dark green leaves (to 2-3” long) with finely toothed margins. The leaves turn an attractive red in fall. In spring, slightly earlier than the species, it has 5 to 6-flowered clusters of white 5-petaled, fragrant flowers that mature into purplish black edible berries that ripen in late summer. The berries are high in nutrients and can be used for juice, pies and jellies or to provide food for birds and other wildlife. 'Viking' grows 3 to 6 ft. tall and wide.

Pot Type #5
Potential Height 1.8 m
Potential Spread 1.8 m
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Zone 3
Ship Date June 2021
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