Hello again from your friends at Highwind Horticulture!


We did a pretty large addition to the catalog the last couple of days, adding about 200 new plants to our catalog.  We're now up to 635 individual SKU's for 2021 season!  Most of the new additions are small perennials in 11 cm pots, which are a great buy for anyone looking to buy the most plants for the money.  We will start pulling in the larger sizes (mostly #1 and #2 pots) closer to the actual season when everything starts waking up.


To make it easier to see what we're adding over time, we have added a new category called New Listings.  We will keep this category rotated with whatever our latest orders contained!


In addition, we have had to create some new categories:




- Added several new varieties

- Will add more as we get closer to the season

- Both annual and perennial varieties are available



Ground Cover


- Goutweed, Creeping Jenny, Stonecrop, and more!

- Often drought resistant, cold hardy, and usable in rock gardens





- Sedum (Stonecrop)

- Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

- These guys are drought resistant and tough as nails!