Hello again from your friends at Highwind Horticulture!


We did a pretty large addition to the catalog the last couple of days, adding about 200 new plants to our catalog.  We're now up to 635 individual SKU's for 2021 season!  Most of the new additions are small perennials in 11 cm pots, which are a great buy for anyone looking to buy the most plants for the money.  We will start pulling in the larger sizes (mostly #1 and #2 pots) closer to the actual season when everything starts waking up.


To make it easier to see what we're adding over time, we have added a new category called New Listings.  We will keep this category rotated with whatever our latest orders contained!


In addition, we have had to create some new categories:




- Added several new varieties

- Will add more as we get closer to the season

- Both annual and perennial varieties are available



Ground Cover


- Goutweed, Creeping Jenny, Stonecrop, and more!

- Often drought resistant, cold hardy, and usable in rock gardens





- Sedum (Stonecrop)

- Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks)

- These guys are drought resistant and tough as nails!


Hello again!  It may be -50 outside again, but that just means it's time to get to work at Highwind Horticulture.  We're excited to bring new products, lower prices, and higher quality to our customers this year!  We've been ordering since last November, and we're just starting to get the last of the May and June stuff onto the site.  Plants that normally bloom / perform later in the summer will be available soon.  Right now our focus is on annuals, vegetables, herbs, small perennials, and some trees.  Larger perennials, trees, and late blooming flowers will start showing up later in June.


New stock will be added to the site all of the time until well into the summer - if you can't find what you're looking for, reach out and I will get it on the way for you.



Annuals are new this year for us.  We only had a few offerings last year and we mostly seeded ourselves.  This year, we are securing annuals from several different wholesalers.  We are offering them mostly in 11 cm pots, and some 12-13" planter baskets as well (both sun and shade varieties).  Make sure you check them out!

Annuals are great for planters boxes, filling in gaps between perennials, and even for planting indoors!  We like to bring our potted annuals inside for the winter, where they keep growing.



There is so much fruit this year being bought and sold!  We've had a hard time finding enough for the year.  That being seaid, we've also increased selection significantly.

If you're looking for knowledge on cold hardy fruit, I can't recommend the University of Saskatchewan enough.  A lot of the work done in the area around developing cold hardy crops comes from them, including several varieties of sour cherry, haskap, and other food crops that grow well here on the prairie.



We will be adding grass stock to our inventory as we get closer to summer.  Check back around April 2020 or so to see the selection get rounded out.  If you have some you want to order now (even varieties not on the site yet), contact us directly.


Hanging Baskets

We have several different varieties of hanging basket this year.  They all come in at the beginning of the season (May long or so).  They include strawberry baskets, tomato baskets, and annuals (shade, sun, and mixed).  Pictures aren't available until they start showing up - they are different in appearance every year since people put them together by hand!



We've increased the selection of herbs this year!  Check out all of the different varieties.  If you want something not in our inventory, reach out to us and we'll get some in for you.  There are far more varieties than what I list on the site available.



Some perennials have been added already, but the bulk will be added over the next couple of months as everything wakes up.  These babies have been sitting out on the open prairie all winter, and will pop back up when it starts warming up.  We'll of course add them to the inventory as they do!


Seedlings & Bare Root

If you need large amounts of seedlings, we can probably help.  Typical uses would be farms & shelter belts.  If you are looking  to secure smaller quantities, I highly recommend Select Seedling Nursery.  If you want them in larger quantities, I am happy to help directly (we get them at wholesale).


Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs will be added over the next few months as they wake up - same story as the perennials.  We typically source all sizes and varieties - let us know if we can help you select one even if it isn't on our site.



Studies show this year that people are trying more variety in their herb and vegetable diets.  We're bringing in a lot of variety, so that you too can try new things during the pandemic.  Whether food security or taste is driving each of you, I'm happy to help you learn all about them.


Vines & Climbers

We've got several varieties of climbers and vines this year that perform all sorts of useful functions.

Hi guys!  First off - wow.


I'll admit to some shame when it comes to our ability to provide updates on this site.  In that same thought, I feel like I have to tell the story now and perhaps gain some insight along the way.


There were a few reasons we tried this.  COVID has just hit and we were stuck inside like everyone, wondering when things might go back to some relative normal.  We felt food and income security creep into our thoughts on a more regular basis.  The kids all ended up at home, including our oldest who was at university.  Suddenly everyone was together and wanted to do something, but what would that something be?


One of the hobbies Mike brought with him was growing plants indoors, and when it is -55 C outside living plants kind of stick out.  Everyone in the family was drawn into it, whether going to the greenhouse to look at house plants or hydroponically growing greens because we were going insane trying to find good lettuce during the winter.  It was alive and it was something to take care of and keep busy with.  Heck, there are even articles all over the internet with people saying the same thing about rediscovering their plants during COVID.


We had a few lights kicking around.  We could go buy seed trays.  We wanted a garden this year regardless.  So we set up some tables in the garage and planted a lot extra, thinking someone would want it all.  How horribly right and horribly wrong we were.


We really didn't know what to expect so we filed articles of incorporation in case we sold a lot.  We got our licenses in place for a small home based business.  No big deal.  We posed it as an entrepreneurship project to the kids in a time when the schools were completely shut down.  The kids are all watering every day.  Morgann is potting like a superhuman.  We start talking about strawberries.  We start talking to friends.  We realize we need a lot of strawberries.  We realize this is going to happen with the other things growing in the trays.  We realize we don't have anywhere near enough of anything.


People did not care.  We had stuff under lights that we still wanted bigger before selling.  People made offers on everything that wasn't nailed down.  It was absolutely nuts.  Delivery was very in style during the spring, especially given COVID.  We were all over the place running a very hastily thrown together family project that was suddenly looking like a (successful) business.


When herbs and vegetables started to wind down, we start buying plants from everywhere we could find them.  We started doing perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, really anything anybody would buy in the greenhouse stock space.  We reached out to very established greenhouses in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  They were amazing.  We traded stock with them to keep things available to people who couldn't drive into the city.  All sorts of things.  It was obvious that the greenhouse business did well this year and everyone pulled together to try and help customers.  It was neat to watch.


So now we are in a very interesting position where we can do this at a scale and capability we couldn't last year.  We've decided to embrace it.  We've started working out ordering with all of the greenhouses we worked with this year, which means that we will extend the opportunity to our customers to peruse the catalogs over the winter and pre-order anything that one may want for 2021 season.  We will stage the stock in Saskatoon and make sure that we get it to you in the time-frame you're looking for.


We will be adding new products throughout the winter, and anything on the site is something that we've already worked out with the nurseries for next year.  It 's about 10% of what we can actually source - meaning that if you want something not on the site please reach out and let us know what you're looking for.  I can add it to our orders at any time.  Generally, quality will be higher and prices will be lower at Highwind in 2021.  We're truly excited for both, and to continue bringing top notch customer service to Saskatchewan.


Thank you for everything this 2020 season, and we look forward to serving you through the winter and into 2021.  Don't forget that we are booking landscaping services for next year already.  The calendar is filling up fast, so give us a call if you want us in your yard next year.


Mike, Morgann, Keyanna, Didi, & Sara