Blueberry (Patriot)

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Mid season variety with excellent hardiness and excellent productivity. Bushes are vigourous, 1.5 m tall, dense but open. Fruit medium to large, firm, medium blue with good flavour. Desirable variety for cold regions and in heavier soils. Fruit drops in size as the season advances.


These low bush blueberries are hardy enough to survive in Saskatchewan, but must be sheltered during winters below -30 C.  Refer to care instructions that come with your plant.  Blueberries prefer acidic soil (as low as 4.8) and like sandy conditions.  This means they like poor soil, and actually do not like excess fertilizer.  Plant them in poor sandy soil that gets lots of sun.

Pot Type #1
Potential Height 2 m
Potential Spread 2 m
Light Full Sun, Partial Shade
Zone 3
Ship Date May 2021
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